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Your Child's First Visit

Southern Smiles Pediatric Dentistry offers a comprehensive approach to treating infants and children by offering a wide variety of services dedicated to each and every individual.

When should I book my child’s first visit?

It’s never too late! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see a pediatric dentist by their first birthday. Starting off kids early acclimates them to the dental office and allows Dr. Mark Herring and staff to keep your children in the prevention zone and out of our treatment chairs!

Preparing for your first visit:

• A kid’s first visit is most influenced by the expectations, attitude, and demeanor of the parent. Channel the positive vibes and provide lots of positive encouragement. Helpful resources and videos include:

Words to avoid:

Pain, Shot, Needle, Drill, Pull Out Your Teeth… you get the point. As a pediatric dental office, our jobs are hard… don’t make them harder for us. First of all, initial visits are dedicated times to clean teeth, take x-rays, and evaluate and diagnose if your child needs dental treatment. Secondly, these words only instill fear, panic, and anxiety. Most children tolerate and even excel when it comes to undergoing dental treatment…all it takes is allowing Dr. Mark and his staff to do their jobs without the interruption of negative stereotypes about the
dentist that need not apply to our office!

Things to expect during your child’s first visit:

• Your child will get our undivided attention, as we focus on one family at a time.
• You are a vital part of your child’s dental care, and we want to make sure your kids feel safe and comfortable. Parents are invited to accompany their kids for the duration of their appointments.
• We will provide a thorough cleaning of your child’s teeth and will review dietary and oral hygiene tips to ensure you have the tools to prevent dental disease.
• We may recommend X-rays to evaluate your child’s tooth grown, screen for cavities, and evaluate jaw & bite development.
• Dr. Mark will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw development.